Thursday, 8 December 2016


Robert Bovington
The city of Alicante is a Mediterranean port that boasts a fine palm-lined promenade – and a castle. 
I can attest to these facts because I went there many years ago – I don’t know why – on reflection, yes I do – it was to visit somewhere interesting instead of sunbathing and boozing on a Benidorm holiday. I travelled there by train and very pleasant it was too – the little train leisurely making its way along the narrow-gauge track.
The train and the castle still exist. The castle – el Castillo de Santa Barbara – is perched 350 feet above the city and can be reached by driving up the winding road to the summit or, as I did, by using the lift. Alicante has other attractions – a cathedral, a museum, beaches, restaurants and, for those that like that sort of thing, shopping.
Another reason to go there is to catch a ferry to the Balearic Islands.
Vista del puerto y el Castillo de Santa Bárbara
Skyline of the city of Alicante, seen from the harbour.
Author: Carlos Quesada Granja
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