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Castilla de Santa Catalina, Jaén
Castilla de Santa Catalina, Jaén
The city of Jaén may not have the appeal of Granada or Córdoba but, nevertheless, it is pleasant enough. It sits amidst an undulating plain of olive trees at the foot of the hill of Santa Catalina on which stands the castle. The Castillo de Santa Catalina is a 13th century fortress with spectacular views. It is now a parador.

The city’s old town has most of the places of interest. Jaén Cathedral is spectacular. It has a magnificent Renaissance façade and was built between the 16th and 17th centuries. It is surely one of the finest cathedrals in Andalucía, if not Spain, and dominates the old town. This old quarter of the city consists of a maze of narrow streets and small squares, many lined with religious buildings.
Jaén Cathedral
Jaén Cathedral

In the new town there is the Museo Provincial, a creditable museum with interesting paintings and Roman artefacts.

Jaén - Ayuntamiento and other buildings in Plaza Santa María
Jaén - Ayuntamiento and other buildings in Plaza Santa María

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